Brand Storytelling for Azimo

When fintech disruptor Azimo wanted to push their marketing in a new direction, we created hard-hitting content brought to life by powerful personal stories.

The Brief

Re-align Azimo’s marketing message with their customers.

Azimo had discovered that a large part of their customer base was made up of economic migrants spending their lives away from their families. To help them push their marketing in this new direction, they needed to create content that spoke to this unique experience.

The Solution

Create documentary-style content that taps into their customer’s raw experiences.

A large part of Azimo’s customer base is made up of economic migrants spending their lives away from their families, working abroad and sending money home. We asked them to tell us not just how this experience made them feel, but how they would go about telling their own story. The result were tales that were both compelling and varied.

We developed a headlining film which worked as a stand-alone piece but also opened up the possibility of future re-versioning from the same footage for tighter segments of the audience. This allows Azimo to target different messages and audiences as required, creating an ongoing supply of fresh content for their channels.

As a result of our own research, we were also able to suggest other stories that Azimo’s in-house PR team were able to take up and develop to support the content and new brand messaging.

Two Azimo customers telling their stories of being economic migrants
Authentic stories came from real customers

Watch: Azimo–fair and simple money transfer

The Result

Award winning.

Authenticity was the key to this film. Giving a voice to the research findings that could express the difficulties and complex, mixed emotions of migrants working abroad. This resulted in a powerful film that resonated with Azimo’s audience.

The film is also credited with winning a prestigious award in the financial category of the International Summit Emerging Media Awards.

EMA Summit Emerging Media Award 2015

“Azimo, I can testify to all said in the video. Good work from you guys.”

Gabriel Gabson Olayiwola, Azimo customer

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