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When housing association L&Q needed to increase the number of qualified leads, we engineered a new website and registration process to better educate their customers.

The Brief

Reduce the number of sales enquiries coming from unqualified leads.

Many of L&Qs enquiries were coming from people who either didn’t meet the eligibility requirements for shared ownership or simply wanted to know more about the scheme. Educating these customers was placing a burden on the sales team and increasing their overall response times. L&Q needed to find a way of educating customers about the shared ownership process, and its strict eligibility requirements before they sent a sales enquiry.

The Solution

A new website focused on customer education and long-term engagement.

We designed, built, and produced all of the content for a new website focused exclusively on L&Q’s shared ownership product. As well as showcasing the properties available under the shared ownership scheme, we included a series of videos focusing on each step of the process.

A new registration process allows L&Q to cater for two very different customer segments. Visitors who are simply looking to learn more about shared ownership can now register for specific email updates, rather than submitting a property sales enquiry. Not only does this open up additional lead capture opportunities, but reduces the number of ineligible customers submitting sales enquiries.

We also provide L&Q with regular website reports and quarterly reviews. This helps them to assess the effectiveness of the website, their marketing activity, and identify areas in which both can be continually optimised.

Screenshot of the L&Q PricedIn educational website
The website provides a step-by-step guide to shared ownership
Two emails created for L&Q's email subscribers
Educational emails are regularly sent to L&Q subscribers

The Result

A 460% year-on-year increase in qualified leads.

The new website and customer journey have contributed to a significant decrease in the number of unqualified sales enquiries. At the same time, the new registration process has created a sizeable database of highly engaged email subscribers across the purchasing cycle.

The educational content has also proven to significantly increase visitor engagement and conversion. Compared to the site average, visitors who view one of these pages:

  • spend four times as long on the site, and
  • convert three times as often

The site has also won industry recognition: named Best Digital Marketing Campaign at the Property Marketing Awards 2015.

Watch: how we re-engineered the PricedIn customer journey

It’s about the analytics. We can really drill down and look at the way the website’s being used and see how our customers are engaging with the site to be able to adapt and change the content as we need to. Committing to a content marketing approach means we can have flexible and relevant content across all of our marketing channels.”

Olivia Scrimshaw, Marketing Director, L&Q

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