Perfume Commercial for Philippe Starck

To launch Philippe Starck’s trio of scents, we translated a brand concept into an evocative commercial with supporting online content.

The Brief

Collaborate with Philippe Starck’s brand team to interpret the product’s emotional motif without resorting to clichéd imagery.

Design agency GBH had developed the brand concept and core messaging, but needed our help in translating this into video-led creative assets. Like the product itself, these films needed to take the audience on a journey into ‘the space between’ – where love lives.

Launching a perfume in a crowded marketplace required a global distribution plan covering multiple channels and applications. So in addition to a beautiful commercial, our creative execution needed to be easily repurposed across formats – all while maintaining a strong and consistent visual aesthetic.

The Solution

1. Gradually build a visual language by exploring and experimenting with creative concepts.

Over nine months, we worked with GBH and the other agencies to translate an intangible brand idea into tangible visual and narrative assets for video. This included experimenting with visual forms and image types to explore and broaden the key concept of ‘between here and there’ into a range of films.

For a category that relies heavily on fakery for its imagery, we stayed true to Starck’s principles of maintaining purity in design. Our approach seamlessly knitted images created using physical filmmaking techniques, projection, and macro photography; blended with editing and post-production techniques to create the most authentic perfume advert possible.

Experimenting with raw materials and macro photography

The commercial: Starck Parfums

2. Expand and repurpose creative concepts into a catalogue of multimedia assets.

The experimentation and fluidity in our creative approach allowed us to produce a range of video outputs beyond the main commercial. With the visual language providing a consistent tone, we produced a suite of video assets that produced a seamless experience across the launch campaign.

These additional video assets included:

  • A teaser film designed to spark interest throughout the industry
  • An educational brand film telling the story of Starck’s creation with the elite perfumers who collaborated with Starck
  • A video journey on the Starck Paris website
  • A multi-screen installation, ‘The Cube’ that created an immersive evening spectacular in Cannes
  • dozens of individual shots for use across social channels, each with an individual story attached
The Starck Paris website
Short video clips shared via Instagram
The industry teaser film

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