Film & PR Campaign for London’s Largest 3D Printed Masterplan Model

Working with the press covering a cutting edge 3D printing process, we helped drive awareness of the Barking Riverside Development. One of the biggest developments currently in Europe, and a joint venture between L&Q and the GLA and technology leaders, Hobs Studio.

The Brief

Drive awareness of BRL to the public with their and Hob’s use of innovative and progressive technologies.

An innovative 3D printing process is being employed by L&Q’s Barking Riverside. Our brief was to support and drive awareness of the stunning masterplan model created by Hobs Studio that brings the development idea to life.

It was essential to create assets that could be picked up by press and news outlets to promote the making and unveiling of the model while ensuring the assets had longevity and could be used for marketing by both parties.

The Solution

Capture and output a single engaging story in a multitude of styles and formats, maximising PR take up of the content.

The 3D model’s emergence from its tank of liquid material acts as a neat metaphor for Barking Riverside’s blossoming development of much needed and desirable homes, set in a well-planning and vibrant community.

The design and printing process is also very visual and gave us the perfect opportunity to shoot high-quality film and photography of the process and model, developing a multitude of marketing, press and PR opportunities.

The way we shot and captured the story in different styles allowed different outputs of the same story, helping the content go further. The content was used across marketing and PR.

Deliverables included:

  • Video new release (VNR)
  • Cut package (unbranded)
  • Marketing cuts (with relevant branding)
  • Social media edit
  • 10 x licensed stills
  • Transcriptions of interviews

The headlining film was shot in a documentary style, echoing the authentic and engaging aspect of this monumental first for London. Beautifully shot, documenting the printing process from design to the desktop to completed model. Throughout we unveiled the secrets of the largest 3D printer in the UK, which had not yet been the subject of any mainstream press coverage.

Interviews with key representatives gave context and background to the content and gave BRL the chance to explain why BRL chose this exciting method of creating a master plan model.

This story had a great news hook and generated fantastic imagery for the campaign.

3D Printer Craft Film

Printing Process

The Results

In partnership with Faust PR, the media reach and reaction to this campaign was fantastic, generating the following results;

Press coverage

  • 20 x pieces of coverage
  • 8 editorial placements of the video
  • 2 min slot on BBC London

Social media highlights 

  • 765 views of the full video on YouTube
  • 66% averaging retention
  • 2 x significant spikes in ‘watch time’ on YouTube

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • Over 800 media views of the ‘teaser’ video
  • 1,627 engagements on BRL’s Twitter feed over 4 days
  • 22 mentions by external organisations.

ITV London Facebook Coverage

ITV Facebook


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