Influencer Marketing for MINI

When MINI needed to promote their new convertible, we teamed up with online influencers to create authentic stories inspired by the brand.

The Brief

Promote the new open-top MINI to an ad-averse audience.

MINI had partnered with boutique hotel service Mr & Mrs Smith to help them reach an audience of young couples and professionals. But this audience had not only become wary of advertising – they were actively going out of their way to avoid it. To ensure brand exposure and increase the ROI of their advertising spend, MINI needed content that wouldn’t be seen as just another commercial interruption.

The Solution

Create a series of authentic films starring relevant online influencers.

We identified several tastemakers whose professional or creative ventures had built them large followings online. We then researched and developed personalised journeys that resonated with MINI’s marketing message while staying true to each influencer’s brand.

Each story focused on the theme of a “journey of discovery”, and featured intriguing experiences that would unravel over time. In this way, we created native advertising campaigns that could easily be sustained over the ten weeks of the campaign.

Customise the content to meet the needs of each channel.

As well as being promoted across paid media and MINI’s own channels, the influencers themselves also promoted the content to their own fans and followers.

To ensure the content worked most effectively on their social channels, we produced multiple edits of each film along with other supporting assets. Over the 10 weeks of the campaign, this amplification gave the films – and both MINI and their partner Mr & Mrs Smith – an additional reach of over 500,000.

Ben Leask’s foodie journey of discovery with MINI
The film series was distributed across publisher platforms

The Moulettes’ journey of a discovery: collecting a hand crafted instrument

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Header image courtesy of Theo Cohen.