Integrated Campaigns for L&Q

Campaigns come and go, but what if you could keep benefiting from your investment long after the promotional budget has been spent?

The Brief

Develop awareness campaigns that deliver value long after the initial promotional push.

With a purchasing journey that can last up to two years, keeping customers engaged when purchasing a property from housing association L&Q can be a daunting task. Doing so relies not just on showing up where customers are, but repeatedly providing value at their point of need.

To help scale this engagement and maximise their return on investment, L&Q needed their content campaigns to work harder. Rather than simply generate an immediate boost in awareness, it needed to continue increasing awareness and engagement over the long term.

The Solution

1. Website landing pages focus on key moments for the customer.

We developed a series of landing pages that address common questions or issues surrounding shared ownership. Each page takes an in-depth look at the topic through a combination of how-to guides, expert advice, and case studies. Visitors are then directed toward specific calls to action, depending on where they are in the customer lifecycle.

We combine data from website analytics, search trends, and customer feedback to determine the most relevant topics. This ensures that the new content meets defined customer needs, and also provides clear and distinct messaging for all promotional activity.

2. Over 50 creative assets to promote the content across channels.

To successfully launch each page, we worked with L&Q and its other agencies to produce marketing collateral to support PR and online and offline advertising activity – including custom re-versions of each video tailored to each channel. These supporting marketing assets also allow this new content to be integrated within existing email communications, paid search activity, and sales collateral.

All of these assets are tied together by a new video commercial, designed to introduce new audiences to the suite of content resources available on the website. As well as broadening the expected audience for the content, this video creates a thematic and visual link to the rest of the video content.

Campaign pages focus on key customer questions. Click above for an introduction to the approach that continues to bring targeted traffic to each page. Contact us for more details.
Screenshots of videos, social media posts, and advertisements
Supporting collateral developed for email, social media, and print advertising

3. Video case studies and commercial

Meet Sally: the commercial introducing PricedIn

Case studies that bring the key customer moments to life

The Results

Engaging content that helps customers move forward in the process.

Our unique thematic approach developing ongoing content and campaigns is proving to be highly successful:

  • 11 times more qualified leads generated than in the previous year
  • 79% reduction in cost per lead so far

The first quarterly campaign resulted in:

  • 40,000 unique impressions (170% increase on previous month)
  • 178% increase in website form submissions
  • 17% increase in organic search traffic (over 6 months)

Awards and accolades:

  • Gold Award for ‘Best Visual Identity’ within the Property Sector at the Transform Awards.
  • Best Use of Digital at the prestigious Digital Impact Awardswinning silver in the property sector.
  • Highly Commended at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards. 
  • Best Digital Marketing Campaign at the Property Marketing Awards

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