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From private sales to lettings and beyond, we deliver outstanding promotional, engagement and conversion results for a wide range of businesses and developers across the property sector. Our understanding of the customer journey from start to finish joins up PR, paid media and owned channel activity across the purchase cycle. We provide partner agencies with consistent, powerful content across broadcast, print and digital. This approach goes above and beyond the needs of some of the biggest property and development clients in the UK

“Shoot Media did a fantastic job. We had a library of content that could be used widely and could also target the audiences we needed.”

– Alice Turner, Property Marketing and Events Manager, L&Q

L&Q: The Quarry – Elevated Content Resource

The Brief: Drive awareness and sales of the development and create a content resource

Our ongoing brief spans the development’s sales lifecycle, starting at pre-launch and continuing through the whole sales period, including PR and media plan requirements.

The Solution: Develop a narrative concept and supporting content resource

Our narrative framework brings this enlightened, holistic development to life. We tell stories that guide audiences on journeys through the stylish, modern architecture that is woven so sensitively into the surrounding environment and community.

Showroom content – Visitors to The Quarry get an inside perspective on the development’s architectural ethos.

See full case study here for a list of key strategic content components that drive interest and leads.

L&Q: Barking Riverside – Broadcast, Digital and Print Campaign

The Brief: Find a newsworthy PR angle to raise awareness

As part of the placemaking process, our brief was to generate positive PR for L&Q and Barking Riverside, highlighting the many benefits of this ambitious development.

The Solution: Create a buzz and legacy content for the local community

Our team discovered a locked vault on the site – closed since 1981 with no record of its contents. Opening the safe became the basis of a positive L&Q-owned PR story, to put the housing development in a new light, engaging with the community past and present, communicating the rich history of the area to those unfamiliar with it.

The range of engaging and emotive content we developed around the story raised a huge amount of PR exposure and was an exciting discovery for the area.

Key Highlights

  • PR event attended and reported on by ITN TV film crew
  • 6 minutes of ITV London News airtime, two nights in a row
  • 89,000 views on ITV’s Facebook page (over 300% above average)
  • Content used in headlines and about 70% of the news coverage

ITV covered the story on two consecutive evening television news programmes, clocking up over 10 minutes of airtime.

Take a glimpse into the past – Opening Barking’s very own time capsule:

Media owners ran the story across print and digital channels:

“We are very pleased with the quality of the shooting on a story broadcast on ITV London about a mysterious safe being opened after many years. The shooting was slick, professional and creative.”

– Brendan McGowan, News Editor, ITV News London

See the full case study here for a list of the assets delivered and full results achieved.

L&Q: PricedIn – Educational Consumer Content

The Brief: Increase the number of sales enquiries from qualified leads

Many of L&Q’s Shared Ownership enquiries came from people who either didn’t meet the eligibility requirements or simply wanted more information. L&Q needed to find friendly, interesting ways to educate customers so they could self-qualify.

The Solution: A new website focused on customer education and long-term engagement

We designed, built and produced all of the content for a new website focused exclusively on Shared Ownership As well as showcasing the properties available under the scheme, we included a series of videos to guide customers through each step of the process.

Key Highlights

  • 460% year-on-year increase in qualified leads
  • In the last 6 months, over 91% who applied were eligible (SEP/2017)
  • Site visitors spend 4x as long on video pages and convert 3x as often
  • Best Digital Marketing Campaign, Property Marketing Awards 2015.
  • Digital Impact Award Winner, Property Sector, 2016
  • Best Visual Identity for Property Sector, Transform Awards Europe, 2017

L&Q 2017 commercial for broadcast and digital distribution

3 years of integrated campaigns and platform development

See the case study here for more information on how you can use educational content to develop pre-qualified leads

Churchill Retirement Living: Digital Content Campaigns

The Brief: Amplify traditional campaigns with new digital awareness and engagement tools

Our brief was to develop an accessible digital package for broad engagement which targeted primarily new audiences, and moved through the sales process with a strong CTA, complementing traditional media activities.

The Solution: Develop a digital starter package

This included some new digital tools to kick start Churchill Retirement’s integrated approach to engage, educate and further understand their audience.

Key Highlights

  • 2 x bespoke campaign pages, including landing page design
  • Competitor research, planning and copywriting
  • 2 x hero films, 2 x supporting films, 1 x advert for Sky Adsmart and various cutdowns for use across social channels.
  • Email templates
  • Stills for PR and promotional use

A raft of new digital content has given Churchill Retirement customers a greater ability to discover, access and explore retirement living

“If I had an older relative in that position then I’d feel at ease seeing this piece of ad content.”

– Sky AdSmart

Full case study on how you can get started with digital content can be found here.


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