Scandit ‘Jam’ Campaign

Great content helps you standout from the competition as well as showcasing to investors a future vision. Scandit needed to move away from the association of ‘a barcode company’ and ShootMedia produced a film to showcase an innovative technology company

The Brief

From a glance, a barcode technology company may not be an organisation to associate inspiring technology with. But Scandit set to challenge that perception by employing ShootMedia to produce engaging content to uncover its innovative technology and future vision. Scandit needed a campaign to communicate its core brand promise: blending digital and physical technology making the supply chain easier for the ‘human in between’. Additionally the campaign needed to showcase Scandit’s technology, setting it apart from its competition and identifying how its investors and customers can benefit from the future growth of the brand. 

‘Barcodes are deployed and standardised globally. They are cheap to print and, coupled with our software-based solutions, easy and cheap to read. Through their universal use and applicability across retail and supply chain, they form the backbone of the world’s commercial activity.’


The Solution

The ShootMedia team worked with Scandit to produce a documentary-style film. It centres around a fictional ecommerce company following the story of a jar of jam through the supply and production line. The creative solution from ShootMedia portrays an aspirational retail approach solution showcasing Scandit’s barcode technology.

The film is delivered is a hero brand film, which tells the bigger story behind Scandit and its product offering. This includes looking at how the product impacts both businesses and customers, the technology itself and how the product came to life. It also provides insight to future hopes and aspirations of the brand. 

‘The challenge is encapture the distinctive elements of the proposition and the benefits they offer to the modern market place within a suit of content. The resulting assets need to cut through the clutter and mass of online content to equip all of the communications teams and agencies with adequate supply of this distinctive and engaging content all the way through the sales pipeline. In this particular case with Scandit we created an exciting story representing modern enterprise with an up beat slightly off the wall to show the ‘visual recognition technology’ helping this enterprise reach its full potential. The content has been effective: it’s been used online and picked up by PR firms.  It is also used daily by Scandit’s sales teams and it has spearheaded the growth of sales over the last year and a half. We are shortly to release the next iterations of the Scandit story, so watch out for new stories!’


ShootMedia’s POV

‘Our insight and POV is great creative really let your imagination go and capture unique angles of products, which are all too easily misinterpreted. Distinctive creative is exciting, memorable and can really be creative as B2C content. And probably should be: just because it’s B2B doesn’t mean it should be dry, uninspiring and not directly show the true value of your service.’


Picture of shopper using phone to find out information about the jam product. ShootMedia for Scandit


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