Brand engagement content for Start-Rite

Start-Rite’s scientific research underpins every child’s shoe they make. We bottled their brilliance with understandable video content to engage visitors in the consideration phase of the customer journey.

The Brief

ShootMedia was tasked with producing mid-funnel content primarily for Start-Rite’s website; to engage, educate and convince audiences of the thoughtfulness, craft and expert insights that each shoe represents.

ShootMedia’s approach was to produce this endearing and authoritative film for the retailers website. From this, a number of key assets were produced for use on Start-Rite’s social media channels and PR

The Solution

The documentary style film, which showcased the biomechanics testing done at the 6Physio labs,  leads the viewer through some of Start-Rite’s research and development processes of its shoes. 

The film features children wearing Start-Rite shoes and performing tasks which were measured carefully as part of a groundbreaking new study. Our team followed the Start-Rite team and children throughout the day capturing the testing. It also features commentary, which creates an emotive narrative to producing a better product, while the visual aspect of the film elevates the scientific content and its importance.

On set at the Start-Rite Biomechanics shoot


The resulting film helps translate how the technical, expert and insightful observations gathered contribute to a Start-Rite shoe design. While science and technology can be viewed as alienating, ShootMedia has position it within a relatable film so the audience sees the connection between the science and Start-Rite’s product. The Biomechanics campaign showcases how content on the brand channel illuminates the brand expertise and garners stronger brand affiliation.

Biomechanics: The science behind Start-Rite Shoes

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