Our Video Marketing workflow insights, and how they could help your COVID-19 Working From Home strategies

Our Video Marketing practices and workflows are already in place for the COVID-19 crisis, and they could help everyone currently struggling with Working From Home workflow issues.

We’ve been fighting this battle of on-site / off-site integration for years, so we hope you find some of these considerations useful.

While we couldn’t have anticipated the scale of the problem we’re all facing, we started carrying out a significant system overhaul back in 2019, which is now proving to be perfectly suited to the current challenge.

The challenge:

In our game, simply splitting up the team who are managing various video components so they can work in isolation from a laptop and external drives, can lead to problems. From management costs, to version control, speed and flexibility, the list goes on.

Therefore we wanted to share a few details of what we’ve put together over the 6 months prior to COVID-19 in the hope that these give you any new ideas for your own continuity and resilience planning, and particularly for on-site / off-site integration for those developing Working From Home systems.

Our answer – A ‘mirrored’ system that enables teams to work in parallel:

Taking a holistic approach, the overhaul we now have in place included re-dressing our internal capabilities, our cloud and our workflows between internal and external teams have been improved. 

We developed a complete approach, which we refer to internally as ‘mirroring’.

The theory isn’t so new in itself, but it’s especially hard to do over cloud with video in the mix. 

We still have our central, internal hub which is fast and cost effective, and we also have a virtual system running in parallel in the cloud which can run at high or low file sizes depending on local connectivity.

This means that all anyone working externally to the main hub (which of course currently includes our internal team while they are WFH) can remotely dial operate the core hub, back at the studio. 

Beyond that, it gets very technical very quickly, but as a result, our accounts and creative team in the studio can be more collaborative with our external suppliers, and vice-versa, as a fully integrated creative hub.

As we’re now discovering, this system is robust enough that we can even leave the studio unattended with everyone working remotely, with new work being mirrored back into the hub from wherever we are.

We never intended to run such an acid test, but it’s working. 

Our on-site / off-site capability is now truly integrated.

The benefits: 

  • This dual set up is now much faster, more resilient, reactive, cost effective, and controllable for all the types of creative we deliver.
  • There is greater peace of mind as content is automatically backed up in several places on and off-line, so it’s not going to get lost or corrupted.
  • The options for integration with in-house teams is also increased, so that in-house teams can more easily collaborate with our teams, and be readily supported and supplied with the right assets for content they are making in-house.
  • Over the coming weeks of COVID-19, we’ll not miss a beat in servicing everything we’re accountable for. 

We hope this is reassuring to all our clients generally, and particularly at this time of course.

Our role as an agency is to solve problems in fresh and different ways. So we hope we’ve got you thinking about how to approach modern day workflows that include WFH workflows as well as the tech!

Please do approach us with any thoughts, suggestions or questions. We love this stuff.