We’re fully operational, creating content this summer despite COVID-19. Here’s how.

Welcome to this post about some of the key ways we’re continuing to service our clients’ work and keep delivering throughout this period.

Firstly, we would like to reassure all our clients that your content, your projects, and our service to you will not be affected.

Our answers to the 4 key questions below which we’ve either challenged ourselves with, or recently been asked about by you, will explain how this is possible.

As with any disruption that forces us to think in new ways, we are quickly adapting with a new approach. We’re already seeing how we can embrace these challenges and we hope the following detail helps confirm that ShootMedia will still be your most dependable video marketing content provider throughout 2020, and beyond.

How we’ve been adapting:

  1. How is ShootMedia using this challenge to permanently improve our on-site and off-site integrated workflow?

We actually started to address this question before the Christmas break, as part of a new internal upgrade.

Our aim was to develop a permanent, flexible workflow that would facilitate remote workers where required. To do so we revised our internal processes and linked our internal and cloud technologies together, developing supporting workflows to connect us all.

Specifically, we created a ‘mirroring’ server system at our studio that offers both our in-house and external teams greater flexibility in terms of accessing and working on any current or past projects.

Users can now optimise their local workflow for example by switching between full resolution or lightweight file sizes. This ensures that all current project work being carried out off-site still remains ‘mirrored’ on the central hub back in the studio. This protects turnaround times, asset creation, version control and so on, which are typical problems that occur when teams or freelancers work remotely.

Integrating on-site and of-site workflows has always been a key foundation supporting our quality and consistency. Our teams are really proud that this new approach is working 100% outside the studio.

So far we’ve not required anyone to even visit the studio since the imposition of the increased limitations on movement, but we are still working on client projects as if we were there.

We always see any challenge as a chance to learn and make durable improvements rather than applying a proverbial sticking plaster. Far from being a temporary fix, our new approach has successfully been up and running this year, supporting our work for what is clearly the new reality for some time to come.

If you want to get into the workflow a bit more deeply – visit our Video Marketing COVID-19 blog about home working and on-site/ off-site system development.

  1. What is the impact on content acquisition given current limitations on physical movement and contact?

Of course, movement restrictions and social distancing present unique limitations to traditional productions but content acquisition and creation can adapt. We can continue to provide the vital assets and deliverables needed to communicate with engaging, relevant, trustworthy content at this time.

This will continue to be a sensitive area for months, possibly years to come. We’re developing our safe film making guide for all types of productions in the current environment. You can find more details here.

As we’ve always advocated, going into each production with the right mindset ensures that a minimal filming approach will still render high volumes of new, flexible and authentic creative content.

We’ve already had lots of questions about how we will keep producing to such high standards during periods of restrictions which will invariably influence location, casting, movement, and many other aspects of production. 

While some filming opportunities are indeed impossible at the moment, we’re already executing projects and finding creative solutions to these types of restrictions and limitations.

Our unique principles of content acquisition mean we are continuing to cover and output the highest number of high quality stories, while keeping locations, cast and crew to a minimum. 

Moreover, our Content Library approach delivers a scale and volume of authentic content clients could not commission any other way, especially at this time.

  1. What if we can’t film anything new at all, until the summer?

There are many sources that we use to generate new creative assets and outputs, from previously shot footage to online libraries and generating new illustrations and graphical assets. 

Content Libraries:

Many of you already have libraries of content on our servers, from which our talented creative teams output new assets all year round, even when new filming and capture opportunities are not possible.

Assets from your existing Content Library can be creatively combined with footage from other libraries around the world. Subtly combining many different types of new, archive footage and a host of other creative assets is a particular strength of ours.

New asset creation:

Whether you have a Content Library on our servers or not, you can still develop new assets and outputs for new briefs. Our team are adept at writing creative treatments to ensure your content has an edge and stays fresh and relevant.

As many of you will have experienced from past projects with us, there are also other ways to ensure you are creating new assets to reach your audiences with key messages over the coming months. Even capture by a professional team may not be possible or advisable. We can employ other creative methods such as User Generated Content (UGC), also elevated with found footage, graphics, illustrations, voice overs and so on.

Planning for summer content acquisition:

Critically, planning for your summer productions remains of key strategic important this year. Especially if the restrictions around movement and social distancing return during the Autumn and Winter months. Having an acquisition strategy for raw content capture generates a bank of footage which can be edited throughout the coming year.

Government testing programmes will intentionally allow movement in some areas more than others to help contain the virus whilst allowing the economy to slowly recover.

Therefore, while timelines are still unclear, we also recommend using this time to plan ahead. As we all regain a sense of ourselves and our direction, there is an opportunity now to use this window of time to plan for when movement restrictions are lifted and new content acquisition opportunities will increase.

ShootMedia will endeavour to capture content libraries for our clients when movement restrictions are relaxed. This will give us lots of raw material from which to create assets throughout the Autumn and Winder months when we could face another lock down.

  1. How will client in-house, and inter-agency teams still be able to work collaboratively?

Our new system and workflows (see point 1) ensure greater ease of use and value for in-house marketing teams. This provides greater support when dealing with unfinished assets which can be shared and collaboratively edited as required.

As ever, our cloud-based client review system is fully accessible and shareable as usual, so you can review your films online and add comments for changes.

Also, the client area of our website is the main access point to login, download and share your final assets with your in-house teams and across our inter-agency partners. Ask for details.


That’s all for now.

We’ll continue to update you with any changes to service but for now we’re very happy to tell you we’re fully operational and ready to listen and deliver for you, in whichever way you need that done today.

Please do get in touch with any other questions, and especially to understand how we can put your valuable, existing content library into action in new ways. We’ll help you can keep your video marketing and content requirements performing, irrespective of the upheaval we’re all experiencing.

Take care, thank you for your time and we look forward to catching up soon. 


Elliott Cranmer

Managing Director